Smartbuy: Our recommendations

We know how important it is to make your budget stretch even further, which is why our Smartbuy range is perfect for providing those high-quality products at affordable prices.

For 2021/22 we have extended our Smartbuy range, meaning you now have access to everything from stationery to cleaning essentials, to ensure that your early years setting is always fully stocked with our budget friendly products.

Take a look at five of our Smartbuy favourites that we recommend for any setting:

Hexagonal crayons


Hexagonal crayons (181242):

Great for: Unleashing your inner artist!

Top feature: Our Smartbuy hexagonal crayons come in a large pack size, perfect for sharing or creating smaller individual packs.

Fun fact: Fun to use, long lasting and shatter resistant!



Anti-bacterial surface cleaner

Anti-bacterial surface cleaner (159395):

Great for: Sticky surfaces, food spillages and general cleaning.

Top feature: No matter the cleaning emergency, Smartbuy antibacterial surface cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and is safe for food contact surfaces so you can get ready for the next activity in minutes.

Fun fact: Unlike many cleaning sprays, our Smartbuy trigger sprays are all fully recyclable so not only are you saving money, you’re also helping the environment!


Glue sticks


Glue sticks (203181):

Great for: Small hands and messy craft!

Top feature: Don’t always get it right the first time? Don’t worry, with Smartbuy glue sticks you can reposition for up to two minutes without compromising the final result. 

Fun fact: As long as they are washed after use, our glue sticks can be completely recycled!



Pan set


Pans (175307):

Great for: Inspiring imaginative play.

Top feature: Supplied in three different sizes, our Smartbuy pans can be used indoors or outdoors for messy play stations or mud kitchens - the possibilities are endless!

Fun fact: Made from stainless steel so they’re extremely durable whatever you use them for!


Neon notes


 Neon notes (46370):

Great for: Organising tasks and revision notes. 

Top feature: Suitable for any classroom or office environment, the notes come in 6 neon colours which makes it easy to colour code tasks or jot down to-do lists. 

Fun fact: The sticky back makes them extremely versatile – stick them to your desk or wall or use them as an interactive tool in the classroom to encourage children to brainstorm ideas and chain them together. 


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