Your guide to a successful staycation!

 staycation essentials

Whether you are heading to the beach, camping in the wilderness or going on a lake adventure this Summer, we’ve come up with a jam-packed guide to staycation success - full of activity ideas, resources and products to keep the kids (and you) happy!

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Are we there yet?

Don’t we all love a long car journey with kids? We’ve put together some ideas to help keep them entertained and get your staycation off on the right foot!

Take it in turns to spot something interesting out of the window, tell the other passengers what letter it begins with and let them guess - whoever guesses correctly gets to pick next. You can use an item such as a soft toy to hold so everyone knows whose turn it is.

Ten questions
Get the children to think of a character, then you all take it in turns to ask questions to work out who the character is – remember they can only answer yes or no so pick your questions wisely! If no-one guesses who you are thinking of you get the point, you can also try this with animals if your little ones are very young.

Movie break
Phones and tablets can be a lifesaver on long journeys when drivers need to concentrate on the journey. Download some of their favourite shows or movies on your device and sit back with the blissful silence (if you remember to bring headphones!).

 staycation car journey essentials

Beach adventures

Pack a picnic and head down to the beach for a sunny (or rainy!) adventure that doesn’t break the bank.

Sandy sculptures
Get creative and challenge the family to a sandcastle competition. When you are happy with your masterpieces get everyone to vote for their favourite and the winner gets bragging rights and maybe an ice-cream. 😉

Flying high
Get active on the sand or in the water with a game of frisbee, flying a kite or kicking ball. If they tire quickly you can challenge them to find the best shell or put them to work fossil hunting in rockpools.

 staycation beach essentials

Out in the fresh air

Whether you are off on a nature walk or camping in the wilderness there can be so many opportunities to get children involved in activities that don’t cost the earth.

What do they see?
Wherever you are there will be wildlife of some sort either on the ground, in the air, in the trees or even on the water. As you are walking get the children to tally how many of each animal or creature they see. We even have a handy download you can print off for this.

Holiday hideaway
Create an awesome den with things you have or pick up one of our den kits to get them started. The children will have a great time creating their own hideaway which they can then use to play in, get away from their siblings or stargaze at night.

Top tip! Use pegs to pin sheets, coats and towels to chairs and tables.

 staycation outdoor essentials

Ready to roll?

We all know the weather in the UK is unpredictable so we’ve got you covered indoors too!

No cheating allowed
We’ve got some classic games available which are great for both children and adults, or you can stick to something as simple as noughts and crosses if you are travelling light. Want to keep it educational? Check out our educational board game blog for some inspiration.

Crayons at the ready
Nothing beats the classic colouring activity for kids, giving them the ultimate freedom to create their own masterpieces – whether that is a pink robot or an orange whale. Check out our free downloadable craft guides and colouring templates in our inspiration section here.

Build and create
If your child likes to be hands on get them building something out of LEGO or building blocks. Forgot to pack some materials? Don’t worry, get them making a den out of cushions and blankets – once they are tired they can settle down with a film in their own personal cinema.

staycation indoor essentials

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