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Our 2024/25 catalogue is here!

At Eduzone, we’ve had a busy few months working on our brand new 2024/25 catalogue - we are very excited to announce that it is now live! 

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Sellotape Crafting Guide

Spark your creativity with this brand-new Sellotape crafting guide! For more than 80 years, Sellotape has been a household name and the nation’s favourite – and this crafting guide offers the perfect opportunity to explore its products by creating bookmarks using Sellotape! This is a perfectly suited craft for the classroom and a great activity to induce originality. With just a few materials like Sellotape, tissue paper, and a sprinkle of creativity, you can craft your very own confetti bookmarks to enhance reading experiences. This personal touch to your books will only elevate the joy of reading and learning. Now,...

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Crafting Traditions with Pritt

This year, Pritt invites you to embrace the joy of Ramadan through creative crafting! Explore the meaningful traditions of this sacred month while creating an exciting craft; Make Your Own Good Deeds Tree. This simple yet educational craft encourages little ones to express kindness in their surroundings and towards loved ones. By promoting a daily act of goodness throughout Ramadan, the goal is to nurture a fully blossomed tree by the end of the month. Capture these acts of kindness on the leaves from the crafting guide and add them to the tree each day! Pritt is dedicated to spreading the...

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Happy Smiles, Happy Kids: Nurturing Oral Health in Little Ones

We’ve got some fantastic tools for introducing oral hygiene and getting healthy, everyday habits into their routine!

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Sustainable shopping at Eduzone

We want to support our customers with their own sustainability goals and objectives, so that's why we've created a dedicated range containing recycled, reusable, sustainably sourced and manufactured resources to help make environmentally friendly shopping that little bit easier.

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