Peg Superheroes - Crafts with Eduzone

CRASH! BANG! BOOM! ZAP! This easy craft is for all those comic book and superhero fans who can now make their very own mini hero to carry around.

Difficulty rating: *

You will need


1. Colour one side of your peg in with a felt tip pen.
2. On a coloured piece of paper, draw a small isosceles trapezium (a triangle with the top corner cut off!) the same height as your peg – this is the cape.
3. Cut out your cape and stick it to the back of your peg so that the peg is in the middle – the shorter end of the peg should be at the top.
4. Cut a small length of pipe cleaner and thread it through the hole in the peg – these are your arms
5. Stick on small wiggly eyes and add facial features with a pen for a final touch

    You and your peggy sidekick are ready to go save the world!

    Eduzone’s top tip

    These pegs are a great way to get the children to talk about their heroes and encourage them to think about what makes a hero. As well as conventional superheroes, tell them stories of inspirational people (e.g., David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Olympic athletes) and ask them who the biggest hero they know is (e.g. family members, friends, teachers). They also make a great gift or decoration for Fathers’ day.