Paper Flowers - Crafts with Eduzone

Whether they are delicate daisy chains or red roses, everyone can appreciate the simple, timeless beauty of the flowers. Teach the little ones to love nature with these crafty buds.

Difficulty rating: ***

You will need


1. Draw a flower (without the stem or middle) on a piece of paper and cut it out. Alternatively, fold a piece of coloured paper into four and, keeping it folded up, draw a petal shape – we used a love heart but you can use anything at all. Cut this petal shape out and you should now have four petals. Stick the narrowest points together in a circle, so that you have a full flower.
2. Add any details you like to your petals.
3. Stick a small pom pom in the centre of your flower.
4. Take two paperclips and thread one through the other so that they are attached, like a chain.
5. Cut a small length of pipe cleaner and bend it into a v-shape.
6. Thread this through the paperclip stem – this is your leaves.

Your lovely flowers are done. They can be kept for simple decoration or given away as a handmade gift.