Celebrating Diwali in your early years setting

Diwali ‘the festival of light’ is celebrated around the world by millions of people every year and is one of the biggest festivals in the Hindu calendar.

Celebrating Diwali and other religious festivals in your early years setting creates an environment where children feel safe and comfortable to listen and learn about different cultures. This learning experience helps create a diverse setting and allows children to become confident learners.

Below are a number of Diwali craft ideas and resources you can set up to get children involved and hands on with learning.

1. Diwali lanterns 

Create these lanterns by following our step by step guide to celebrate the 'festival of lights'. 

2. Rangoli patterns

Make Rangoli patterns by drawing out shapes using PVA glue and decorate with rice or sand to make the patterns come to life.

3. Decorative footprints 

Decorate footprints for the goddess Lakshmi using our cut out designs and decorate with glitter and sequins to display around your early years setting or home.

Additional Diwali resources 

Festival activity pack Tealights pack of 12 Diwali card making kit A1 religion posters


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