Sensory tuff tray ideas

Sensory discovery through play is an important part of a child's development and tuff trays are an excellent resource to use to spark imagination and foster creativity. 
Below are a number of sensory tuff tray ideas centred around upcoming festivals and celebrations including, autumn, Diwali and Bonfire Night! All of the tuff tray ideas below are easy to recreate at home or in your early years setting and will keep the little ones engaged while learning through play. 


An autumn tuff tray is a great way of getting children to explore the outdoors! Collect conkers, sticks, leaves and twigs along the way to use as natural additions to your tuff tray, as they provide different textures and colours that children can investigate using our wood shape viewers




Celebrate Diwali with a themed tuff tray using rice and sand to create Rangoli patterns. Use your tuff tray as a way of engaging children and teaching them about the special traditions of the Sikh and Hindu festival. 


 Bonfire Night 

Set up activities where children can create their own versions of a firework display using resources such as cut-out stars, sand or chalks. Encourage children to use their senses and talk about what they can see, smell, feel and hear. 



Tuff tray essentials 

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