How-to craft guide: Lanterns

lantern how to

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What you need:

• String and decorations
• Coloured card
• Glue/tape
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil

1. Roll a piece of card into a tube and secure with glue or tape - this will form the inside of the lantern.
2. Take a piece of the coloured card and fold it in half. Using a ruler, draw a line with the pencil about 3cm from the edge.
3. Turn the card so that the line runs vertically and draw horizontal lines from this line to the edge of the card, stopping so there's a small space at the bottom.
4. Take your scissors and cut along the horizontal lines you've drawn, making sure you cut through both sides of the card. Repeat these steps on another piece of card.
5. Roll both cards into a tube and glue the top and bottom to the inner cylinder.
6. Cut a piece of string, glue the ends to the top of the tube to give your lantern a handle and decorate!


lantern craft how to instructions

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