Let’s Go Gardening!

There is no better time than the spring to get the little ones outdoors enjoying the fresh air and the best nature has to offer.

Gardening can be a rewarding experience for young children; especially when they get to watch the seeds they’ve nurtured grow into beautiful flowers or yummy fruit or veg - even better if they get to eat it! As well as increasing their knowledge and understanding of nature, there’s so many different ways to build in other skills like numeracy and literacy. Whether it’s counting out seeds or labeling up the plants, the opportunities to learn new things are endless.

Eduzone top tip: Get the little ones sorting and planting seeds of different sizes and tying supportive canes to develop their fine motor skills.

We’ve highlighted two of our favourite products that we think are perfect to get you started: 

Gardening Set: A set of gardening tools designed for little hands. Set includes Wheelbarrow, Gloves, Set of 3 Hand Tools, Watering Can (colour may vary), Broom, Shovel, Rake, Hoe and Soil Rake. 

Wooden Frames: Versatile wooden frames that can be used to make a sandbox or to create a planter where children can grow vegetables and flowers. Straightforward to put together and supplied with a free membrane liner to retain sand or soil.

Gardening doesn’t have to stop with plants, especially when nature can provide so many great talking points all around. Our composter wormery can help spark conversations about recycling green waste as well as providing the opportunity for children to observe and handle wildlife safely.

Eduzone top tip: Why not use the handy viewing window to get the children to count how many worms they can see?

If you’re looking for some more inspiration then why not visit our product pick page or download our mini gardening brochure below: