Paper Plate Fish - Crafts with Eduzone

This craft idea was inspired by the sea - a great one for any beach lovers out there!

Difficulty rating: **

You will need


1. Take a paper plate and colour in the stripy edging (this will make your fins).
2. Cut out the middle of your plate and slice the edging into pieces (we suggest 4-6).
3. Take another paper plate and colour in the entire underside (this is your fish body). You can make it patterned, draw scales, stripes one just one colour - whatever you feel like!
4. Stick your two fins on the plain side of your plate (one for the top fin and one for the tail).
5. Stick on your wiggly eye.
6. Cut out a small triangle for the mouth.

    The fish is complete! Why not make a few more and you’ll have a shoal of fish in no time at all.

    Eduzone’s top tip

    Get some string (coloured, plain or even try colouring it in yourself) and hang your fish up to create your own indoor aquarium; become a deep-sea diver or a striking shark and let that imagination swim free.