Easter Cards - Crafts with Eduzone

This beautiful bunny card is the perfect present for the little ones to give to someone special instead of the traditional chocolate.

Difficulty rating: **

You will need


1. Matching the corners, fold a sheet of card in half and press firmly.
2. On a contrasting colour of paper, draw the outline of a bunny head and ears.
3. Cut out the outline.
4. Stick the outline onto one side of the card (make sure the card will open the right way before sticking the bunny down).
5. Draw two elongated ovals on coloured paper (we used pink) and a small circle - these will be the insides of the ears and the nose.
6. Cut them out and stick them on your card.
7. Stick wiggly eyes to your bunny and draw whiskers and a mouth.

    To finish, simply write your card.

    Eduzone’s top tip

    Instead of a bunny you could draw a chick, a lamb, or any other animal you can think of!