Easter Card - Crafts with Eduzone

Perfect for Easter, this card is a great way for the little ones to get creative and show off their artistic skills!

Difficulty rating: *****

You will need


1. Use blue as your base colour for the card and fold the card in half.
2. Use a green shade of card - fold in half and cut the card at the centre, so you end up with two halves.
3. Use the one of the halves of the green card and cut in half. However, this time cut it in a wavy shape.
4. Print out our template for your Easter eggs and bunnies and cut out.
5. Using green card again, cut 4 small rectangles and snip the top only slightly creating a fringe effect - this is your grass.
6. Fold this in half and gently unfold.
7. Stick down the non-fringed half of your grass with a glue stick.
8. Decorate your Easter eggs with a print or pattern with the pastel gel ink pens.
9. With a glue stick, stick the Easter eggs on the front of your grass.
10. Now stick your bunnies onto the back of your grass.
11. Add a message at the front of your card and you’re finished!