Heart Card - Crafts with Eduzone

Perfect for Mother’s Day, our heart balloon card is a great way for the little ones to show appreciation to those they love!

Difficulty rating: ****

You will need


1. Select a base colour for the card and fold a sheet in half.
2. Print out our template for your heart balloons and cut out.
3. Select the coloured card you'd like to use for your balloons - ideally you need three different shades.
4. Use the heart templates to draw the heart shapes and cut these out (for a 3D effect, fold each of the hearts in half and then gently unfold).
5. Using the glue stick, stick the hearts in place, you can add as many as you’d like.
6. To make the string, use the felt tip to draw a line from each balloon to the bottom of the card until a bunch is formed.
7. Cut a small piece of ribbon and tie into a bow.
8. Stick the bow on top of string bunch so it looks like it is holding them together.
9. Add a message inside and you’re finished!