Buzzing Bees - Crafts with Eduzone

Create your own buzzing friend. Our latest idea will keep your little ones busy bees!

Difficulty rating: *

You will need


1. Draw a large oval in the middle of your plate and colour it in (this will be the body).
2. Cut it out.
3. Draw two small egg shapes (these will be the wings) - you can colour them in if you wish but we chose to leave ours white for a classic black and yellow bee.
4. Stick the narrow ends of the two wings on the back of your oval (at the top, in the middle). They should be stuck on top of one another at different angles.
5. Stick on your wiggly eye.
6. Draw any other facial features e.g. mouth, eyebrows.
7. Take three pipe cleaners and wrap them over your bee (we did one each side of the wings and one in-between).
8. Twist the ends together (make sure they’re on the back) to secure.

And now you have your own flower-loving friend to buzz around with!