Adverse weather conditions affecting deliveries

Due to the road and weather conditions on Friday 10 March, many of our delivery drivers, and third party delivery partners are struggling to reach their planned stops. We are also aware of a large number of school closures in certain areas.

If you were expecting a delivery today that doesn’t arrive, this will be automatically re-scheduled for delivery as soon as possible, which could be early next week, or on your next scheduled delivery day depending on the nature of your order and location.

Our Operations team are currently working hard to minimise disruption. All orders not successfully delivered will be re-scheduled automatically and so there is no need to contact our Customer Services team to organise this.

Update Monday 13 March: Deliveries have now resumed. Any orders not successfully delivered last week will automatically be rescheduled. There may be some minor delays to new orders while we catch up on previous orders. Thank you for your understanding and patience.