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Ideal height for toddlers to engage happily in play, Clear tray with a plug release for easy water drainage and cleaning
2 black lids function as separate play trays accommodating 2-4 children's activities
Ideal height for toddlers to engage happily in play
Compatible with various accessories for exploring gravity, buoyancy, sinking, floating, weight, displacement, or just for extended fun
Specially designed activity frame with hooks for hanging buckets, jugs, watering cans, and spray bottles
Stainless steel and powder-coated activity frame
Non-foldable stand included in the set
Set comprises 1 water tray, 2 lids, activity frame, and 1 stand (accessories not included)
Recommended for ages 3 and above, Clear tray, with a plug release that makes it quick and easy to empty the water and clean. 2 black lids are designed to be used as separate play trays that can accommodate 2-4 children's play activities.

Perfect height for toddlers to reach into the tray and play happily. Use with a variety of accessories for children to explore gravity, floating, sinking, buoyancy, weight, displacement or just have hours of fun. A specially designed activity frame with hooks on the side and top to hang buckets, jugs, watering cans and spray bottles. Your child can keep all their messy play accessories neat and tidy with this useful activity frame.

Activity frame is stainless steel and powder coated.

Non-foldable stand. Set includes: 1 water tray, 2 lids, activity frame and 1 stand. Accessories not included. Suitable for age 3+ years., Please allow 4 weeks for delivery
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