Storm F2 Outdoor Football Table


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Manufactured from thermoplastic resins, calcium carbonate and fibreglass, Sturdy 19mm thick cabinet construction
Four bolt on fibreglass polymer legs
Manufactured from thermoplastic resins, calcium carbonate and fibreglass
Screen-printed tempered glass playfield, with green colouring & white lines
16mm pass-through double-chromed steel rods
Adjustable rubber feet
Tough player figures in red & blue teams
Players arranged in 1-2-5-3 formations
Internal ball return
Rod springs protects the inner table walls from impact
Includes 10 footballs, The robust construction of this football table showcases a sturdy 19mm thick cabinet built to endure. Supported by four bolt-on fibreglass polymer legs made from a blend of thermoplastic resins, calcium carbonate, and fibreglass, this table ensures stability and longevity. Its playfield is crafted from screen-printed tempered glass, featuring vibrant green colouring and distinct white lines for enhanced visibility during play. Equipped with 16mm pass-through double chromed steel rods and adjustable rubber feet, this table offers precise and smooth gameplay. The table boasts tough player figures in red and blue teams arranged strategically in 1-2-5-3 formations, enhancing the gaming experience. With an internal ball return and rod springs safeguarding the inner table walls from impact, this set comes complete with 10 footballs, providing all essentials for an immersive football match., Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery
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