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40 sheets of white paper with easy tear perforations, White paper
40 sheets
Standard holes with easy to tear perforations
Three options available: 100% recycled paper - 55gsm, Virgin paper - 60gsm, Virgin paper - 70gsm
A1 (594 x 841mm), The ESPO Smartbuy A1 Flipchart Pads are designed to provide a smooth and efficient writing experience. These pads are ideal for use in meetings, brainstorming sessions, and presentations, as they offer a large writing surface that can accommodate ideas, notes, and illustrations.

Each pad contains 40 sheets of white paper that are perforated for easy removal. This feature allows you to tear off your notes and ideas easily and share them with your colleagues or team members. The perforations also ensure that the pages remain neatly aligned on the flip chart stand.

The ESPO Smartbuy A1 Flipchart Pads feature standard holes that makes them compatible with most standard flip chart stands. This means that you can easily attach them to your stand and start presenting your ideas without any hassle.

The ESPO Smartbuy A1 Flipchart Pads are a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective option for anyone looking for an efficient flip chart pad. With their sturdy construction and perforated sheets, these pads offer an excellent writing experience and are ideal for use in any meeting, presentation, or brainstorming session.
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