Show-me® MAGIX Whiteboard Restorer and Conditioner


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Whiteboard Cleaner, Unique alcohol-based solution with STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient: Effectively cleans and conditions whiteboards, leaving them cleaner and brighter
Removes drywipe ink, permanent marker, ballpen ink, and smudging/ghosting with ease: Tackle even the most stubborn stains and markings
Restores whiteboards to like-new condition: Revitalize your whiteboards and extend their lifespan
Contains a unique stay-clean conditioning ingredient: Maintains a smooth, non-greasy surface that repels dirt and makes writing easier
Ideal for wall-mounted and individual mini whiteboards: Use it on any standard whiteboard surface, Say goodbye to dull, smeared, and stained whiteboards with Show-me® MAGIX Whiteboard Restorer and Conditioner. This innovative two-in-one formula effectively cleans and conditions whiteboard surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean, brighter, and more writing-friendly.

Powered by a unique alcohol-based solution, MAGIX effortlessly removes dry-wipe ink, permanent marker, ballpoint ink, and even stubborn smudges and ghosting. Its STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient seals the surface, preventing dirt and grime from adhering, ensuring your whiteboards stay cleaner for longer.

Whether you're using wall-mounted whiteboards or individual mini boards, MAGIX tackles all types of whiteboard surfaces, restoring them to their original pristine condition. Its non-greasy formula leaves behind a smooth, polished finish that promotes easy writing and effortless cleaning.

With MAGIX, you can bid farewell to time-consuming scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Simply spray, wipe, and watch as your whiteboards transform into vibrant, smudge-free surfaces. Experience the magic of MAGIX and enjoy clear, bright writing spaces that stay clean for months to come.
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