Polydron® Bridges Class Set


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322 pieces to build 8 different bridge models, Includes 12 work cards
Build the following bridges: Truss, Suspension, Cantilever, Drawbridge, Cable Stay, Swing and Bascule
Each square piece measures 75 x 75mm
Age 9+, Recreate iconic bridges from across the world including the following bridge models: Truss, Suspension, Cantilever, Drawbridge, Cable Stay, Swing and Bascule.

Set contains: 70 Frameworks Squares, 68 Frameworks Equilateral Triangles, 44 Squares, 14 Frameworks Rectangles, 56 Frameworks Right Angled Triangles, 4 Frameworks Isosceles Triangles, 4 Frameworks Root 2 Triangles, 8 Struts 330mm, 2 Struts 110mm, 3 Struts 80mm, 4 Pulleys, 2 Handles, 4 Square Holes, 2 Rectangles with Holes, 2 Hinges, 8 Double Squares, 6 Eyelets, 15 Plinths, 2 Strings with ends, 4 Strings, 2 Suspension Strings, Work Cards, Book and a Gratnells Tray., Please allow 7 days for delivery
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