Pentel Aquash Watercolour Oil Pastels


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24 assorted brilliant and vivid colours, Soft and easy blending properties
Bright pigments, vivid illustrations
Ideal for drawing, watercolour painting and creating colour gradients
Pack of 24, These square oil pastels from Pentel have the basic characteristics of a general oil pastel, but, when combined with the water brush, makes drawing and blending colours very easy. Due to its bright pigments, vivid illustrations are possible even when dissolved in water. Colouring: Use the side of the watercolour oil pastels to colour large surfaces.

Shading: Use tissues or your fingers to shade off colours.
Mixing colours: Apply colours over other colours and blend to create new ones.
Detailing: Use the corners of the square sticks to create detailed work.
Watercolour techniques: Blend the oil pastels with the water brush to mix colours and form gradients. Use the paper as a palette, applying paints to paper and pulling from them with the water brush.
  • Art & Crafts
  • Drawing

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