Large 43g Pritt Stick Pack of 24



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100% recyclable plastic tube, 97% natural ingredients
Highly efficient and suitable for a variety of materials - ideal for use during arts and crafts
Child-friendly, solvent free and washable at 20°C
Long lasting and high performance, Everything you can imagine! Get ready for unlimited creativity – with the long-lasting & child-friendly Pritt Stick!

Let children grow through creativity by getting hands-on with arts and crafts. The new Pritt formula is made of 97% natural ingredients whilst maintaining its high performance. Its packaging is made from up to 65% recyclable plastic and it also is 100% recyclable, making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable than ever before! With strong and long-lasting hold, the Pritt glue is easy to apply and results in fewer lumps and wrinkles on paper thanks to the low-water formulation. The Pritt stick is ideal for gluing either paper into school notebooks, or big and challenging craft projects and has strong initial tack on various crafting materials, e.g. paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, photos, cotton. Accidently rubbed it on clothing? Not to worry - it can be easily washed at 20 °C! It is also the ideal addition to your office supplies for use by those of any age!,
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