edding® 4200 Porcelain Brush Pen


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Flexible brush tip for broad brush strokes or finer details, 6 assorted colours
Ideal for decorating on porcelain
Brilliant colour results
Great for beginners, Great for beginners, this set of porcelain brush pens from Edding are perfect for decorating on porcelain, glazed ceramic and heat-resistant glass with brilliant colour results.
6 assorted colours: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black and Maroon.

.Fibre pen for dishwasher-proof painting large areas and fine details without dripping or spreading, works on porcelain, glazed ceramic and heat-resistant glass
.The flexible brush nib has a stroke width of 1-4 mm
.The water-based pigment ink is quick-drying, can be corrected prior to heat fixing, and is particularly lightfast
.After heat fixing the design on porcelain it is dishwasher safe up to 50 °C
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