Djembe Drum


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5 different size options, Made from high quality solid wood
5 different size option available from 5" to 10"
Eye catching decoration
Sold individually, Designed specifically for students and use in Education this durable Djembe drum is beautifully decorated with colourful patterned beading.
The Djembe is an extremely popular drum worldwide.
This is mainly due to the fact that various sounds and tones can be produced via striking different parts of the Djembe drum skin with the drummers hands.
Each drum is made from high quality sold wood and features natural heads and rope tuning.

5 size options are available:
X-Small - X89723 - 5" drum
Small - X89731 - 6" drum
Medium - X89743 - 7" drum
Large - X89751 - 8" drum
X-Large - X89768 - 10" drum

This item is sold individually., Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery
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