Build N' Balance Advanced Set



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Aids physical and motor skill development, Suitable for ages 2-10 years
Elements can be combined in countless ways!
Heights range from 100 to 240mm, An exciting and challenging balancing system!

The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can! The level of difficulty can be varied to suit the development levels of children and can be built at heights ranging from 100 to 240mm - depending on how brave the children are!

Maximum load 100kg.

The intermediate set includes:
6 x Yellow tops
2 x Red tops
3 x Planks
3 x Log planks
2 x Bridge piers
1 x Slack line
1 x Rocking plank
1 x Bars and joints
1 x Tilting disc

Recommended age for use: 2-10 years., Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
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  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Physical Activity