Soft Modelling Dough 2.4kg Tubs


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Available in single or assorted colour packs, Super soft modelling dough
Easy to handle
Encourages hand-eye coordination, Super soft modelling dough which can be easily squashed, chopped and rolled into shapes and moulds, perfect for small hands. Helps explore hand-eye coordination and is suitable for nursery and primary school children age 1+.

Single colour packs available in four colours in a tub of 2.4kg.

Starter pack includes 6 x 150g tubs, one each in red, blue, yellow, green, orange and white.

Introductory pack includes four x 112g tubs, one each of red, blue, yellow and white.

Class pack includes 32 x 112g tubs and twelve colours. 3 x red, pink, yellow, orange, dark blue and dark green; and 2 x light orange, light pink, lemon yellow and light green.
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