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Place the nine balls which come in three different colours and three different sizes, Introduce young children to the concept of color recognition and matching through fun and engaging gameplay. The game encourages them to identify and pair colored balls with the corresponding patterns on the base
The game helps develop fine motor skills in little hands as they grasp the pincer grip to pick up the colorful balls and place them on the base. This dexterity-building exercise is essential for preparing children for handwriting and other fine motor tasks.
Boulcolor stimulates visual discrimination and focus as children carefully examine the patterns on the cards and match them to the corresponding balls. This helps improve their ability to distinguish between colors and shapes., The aim is for the child to place the nine balls which come in three different colours and three different sizes (small, medium, large) – on the base using the wooden scissor-tongs included, first freely then according to the instructions on the cards. The six double-sided cards offer 12 activities split into two different levels of difficulty. The front of the card can be used to check that the back has been done correctly. 1 teacher's leaflet.
  • Fine Motor & Pre-writing Skills
  • Sensory & Fine Motor

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