Take learning and play outdoors!

Whatever the weather, our Outdoor range is filled with fun and engaging resources to encourage little ones to get into the great outdoors! With new products added to the collection and outdoor activities to get stuck into, we have everything you need to take learning and play outside.

New for 22/23

Millhouse Outdoor Tuff Tray Activity Table

X169476 | £529.00

Millhouse Outdoor Under 2s' Kitchen

X169593 | £366.00

Let's Boost Early Years Maths Outdoors

X168844 | £315.00

Millhouse Outdoor Raised Sandpit

X169512 | £658.00

Millhouse Outdoor Building Block Set

X169549 | £818.00

Millhouse Outdoor Easel

X169484 | £493.00


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Outdoor activity ideas 

Create mini outdoor teaching and play spaces with tuff tray stations!

From sensory play, problem solving and exploration, to messy play, independence and fostering creativity, the benefits of tuff tray resources are endless.

Top tip: Create multiple different tuff tray stations outdoors so your little ones can have time learning, exploring and playing with each one!

Black Tuff Tray

202541 | £18.10

Natural Explorers Set

X162040 | £91.50


Play Sand

91367 | £11.94


Natural Maths Mastery Collection

X160546 | £180.00


Grow your own organic veggies!

Get little ones involved in an all year round project with growing their own organic veggies! Not only will this help children reap the benefits of being outdoors, but it will support them to learn about how vegetables grow, encourage independence and develop social skills with the responsibility of their own little project.

Top tip: Use our labels and keep a photo log of the growth of your veggies every month so children can see how far their outdoor project progresses throughout the year! 

Organic Veggie Classroom Pack

251577 | £25.85

Gardening Set

X116539 | £92.40

Planter 1000mm length

X144382 | £145.00

Plant Pots

2 sizes and quantities available | as low as £2.25


Understanding the world

Encourage little ones to explore the outdoors and understand the natural world using our outdoor activity sheet! By getting children to identify different types of animals, bugs, plants and trees in the school gardens, they can learn more about the nature around them and how important it is to look after our environment for them to thrive and live in.

Top tip: Use our activity sheet alongside some of the resources below to create interactive and engaging outdoor lessons!

 Download the activity sheet here.



We would love to see the outdoor activities your setting get involved with so make sure to share your photos on social media and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!