Season of Sport

Season of Sport



Summertime is the perfect time to spark curiosity in sports and physical activity. With so many sporting events happening, creating fun tasks and games to tie into them means the little ones are more likely to stay engaged and interested. To celebrate summer, why not inspire your budding sports stars to participate in games, develop their teamwork abilities, and boost their confidence?

Below are just a few engaging activities that you can organise to involve children and prepare them for the thrilling summer ahead:

1. Constructing and conquering obstacle courses

Obstacle courses provide an excellent opportunity to promote physical activity. Children not only get to participate in the course but also have the freedom to build and design their own. By introducing team elements, you can foster teamwork and enhance their gross motor skills. You can create your own courses or explore our recommended set here to kickstart the fun!

2. Engaging parachute games

Parachute games offer numerous possibilities for entertainment. One popular game with our parachute resource pack is the ball roll, where several balls are placed on the parachute, and children strive to guide them through the central hole. For a quick and exciting activity, they can roll a ball around the parachute's perimeter, trying to prevent it from touching the ground or passing through the middle.

3. The classic egg and spoon race

The timeless egg and spoon race! Encourage children to balance an egg on a spoon and race from one marker to another without dropping the egg. Our plastic eggs are ideal for children, as there's no need to worry about cracking them!

4. Fun bean bag toss

Set up a target hoop and have children stand at a distance, attempting to throw bean bags into the hoop. Adjust the hoop's proximity to make it easier or move it further away for an added challenge to the game.

Decorate your setting

Get the little ones involved and ready for a sport-filled summer by using our very own flags of the world bunting. Alternatively, you can create your own personalised bunting using our template here, which can be easily cut out and showcased throughout your setting!

Top Tip: 

Transform each individual flag by using vibrant coloured pens or paints to make them eye-catching! Next, thread the flags together to craft your sports-themed bunting and hang it around the room. The beauty of bunting is its convenient storage and reusability, making it a perfect solution for future occasions.

Below, we have selected some of our favourite products for you to enjoy during this exciting sports season:


Coloured Bean Bags






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Vinyl Footballs 


Ankle Skip Pack

Ankle Skip Pack



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Sensory Ball Kit

Sensory Ball Kit



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