My School Fund: How parents can earn cash back rewards for your setting

As part of the ESPO family, Eduzone customers receive exclusive access to ESPO's cashback reward scheme, My School Fund, in assocation with Sainsbury's and Argos.

Helen and Yasmin from the ESPO team recently had a chat with Julia Bethan Rose, Early Education Editor at Famly to give her some more info on the scheme for early years' settings and their top tips for getting parents involved and making the most out of their registration. 

Here's a snippet:


If I told you that you could boost your setting's budget for resources at no extra cost to you, I imagine you'd be (understandably) skeptical. But that's what My School Fund by ESPO promises.

When participating individuals (parents, grandparents, staff, or carers) shop at Argos or Sainsbury’s and pay using their linked credit or debit card, they earn cashback for your setting, in the form of e-gift cards. It doesn’t cost the settings or the parents any extra, and they even get a percentage of cashback too.

So how on earth does it work? I met with Helen Swann, ESPO’s Head of Business Development, and Yasmin Hughes, their Marketing and Communications Manager, to find out...

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