Make your own Earth mobile with Pritt


Taking care of our world is very important and using eco-friendly products is one way we can all help. With this in mind, Pritt strives to bring educational settings, homes and offices around the globe the best crafting solutions possible, all whilst caring for our planet.

Made from predominantly potato starch, water and sugar, Pritt Stick is made from 97% natural ingredients allowing children to get creative in a sustainable and safe way. This is seen through the adhesive formula and the glue stick itself with the 43g Pritt Stick made from 65% recycled plastic, whilst the 22g and 11g sticks contain 40% recycled plastic. In fact, the glue stick, plus its cap, are 100% recyclable, meaning Pritt Sticks are now more sustainable than ever before!

With Pritt’s new formula, the team have found that focusing on sustainability no way means compromising on the quality of its products. Pritt Stick’s air-tight packaging makes sure that the glue does not dry out, meaning children can keep crafting with the same stick for longer!

To help little ones celebrate Earth Day, take a look at Pritt’s crafting video and guide to make your own Earth mobile! Stick naturally with Pritt! #PrittStickNaturally

  Your Earth mobile crafting essentials:


Pritt Large 43g Glue Sticks - Class pack of 34 plus 4 FREE



Smartbuy Scissor Set - Pack of 32



A4 Activity Paper - Pack of 250



Smartbuy Colouring Pencils - Pack of 288

Various pack sizes available

As low as £1.00

Biodegradable Paper Straws, Pack of 250



A4 Assorted Bright and Natural Card - Pack of 30 



Smartbuy Assorted Medium Tip Pens

2 pack sizes available

As low as £1.00

Brown Jute String - 250g




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