Loose Parts: Endless play for little ones



Dive into open ended play with our Loose Parts collection including over 50 products perfect for helping develop imagination, problem solving and communication.


What is Loose Parts play?

Loose Parts play is based on creating an environment for children to lead play using items or materials that have no prescribed use. Items can be carried, lined up, morphed, stacked, combined, moulded, redesigned, moved, nested, taken apart and put together again in multiple ways and used on their own or in conjunction with other parts for open ended play – the possibilities are endless.


Why we love it

Loose parts play is child led which encourages children to create and learn in a way that is meaningful to them. They learn to communicate their ideas, unleash their imagination and get creative! It's also a great way to expand their experiences with different colours, textures and shapes in a engaging way. 

Some of the many benefits include the development of fine motor skills, problem solving and pre-math skills which help to lay a foundation for STEM. 

From using rocks as buttons in a rocket ship to creating a house out of leaves to making ribbon soup in their mud kitchen, loose parts play can be taken anywhere and there are no real restrictions when it comes to which items and materials to use. Many of the loose parts in our collection are safe for use in water, sand or mud, so they can be used indoors and out. Check product descriptions for further information. 

The best part: once they’ve finished playing, reset and they can start again, making the play possibilities endless!

Top tip! There are no age restrictions on loose parts play but make sure to check the age suitability of individual products and ensure any items you gather from around your house and garden do not have any hidden choking hazards.


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