Let's Get Sporty

Getting young children into sport can be so important for their health and body development. During these complicated times, we understand that is difficult to find ways of getting your little ones to play games as easily, that’s why at Eduzone we have picked out a number of products that are perfect for playing in small groups or even for practising on your own. Here are some of the reasons, that for us, sport is so special:

Learning to lose

None of us like to lose but learning to accept and cope with defeat is an important lesson in life. The nature of sports means that sometimes there is a winner and a loser and therefore it can provide hugely valuable experiences that will have long-standing effects. Check out our footballs and rugby balls that are perfect for these experiences, designed for playing both inside and outside.

Top Tip:
Given it may not be possible to play games in large numbers, you can organise different types of competitions with the equipment, for example how many times can you hit a cone with the ball.

Developing persistence

By working hard at every practice, children build persistence and learn patience. This teaches them that setting out to accomplish something requires dedication over a long period of time. This can be achieved in a number of ways, from developing an actual skill and improving all the time, like with our flying discs or with seeing instant success and rewards by using our basketball stand.

Top Tip:
Set targets and challenges for the children as that will constantly give them a goal to strive for. For example, challenge them to score ten baskets or make ten consecutive frisbee throws.

Loads of fun!

There’s one more important point that should never be forgotten, they’re so much fun! They not only provide a positive emotional experience but being physically active gives an immediate feeling of satisfaction. Participating in sports a couple of days a week leads to happier children each day of the week. We’ve got games that are ready made for loads of hours of enjoyment like our bucket blast. However, if it's not possible to play in a group, then cycling on one of our tricycles can similarly be a great way to spend an afternoon!

Top Tip:
Let the little ones try as many different games and sports as possible, as the skills they learn in one often help with another and can help to raise self-esteem.



Softy Ball- Rugby (83283)
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Softy Ball- Football (83283)
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Flying Discs (224693)
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Basketball Stand (X112092)
£58.00 +VAT

Bucket Blast (262382)
£45.00 +VAT

Tricycle (X154361)
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