Be inspired with our new get in the garden brochure

With a whole host of new outdoor products and resources spread across six different categories, our Get in the Garden brochure promises to inspire you to get your little ones exploring the outdoors and in particular, the garden. There are huge benefits for children being outdoors and here are just a few reasons why you should start incorporating outdoor learning: 
Physical development: Daily exercise not only encourages a healthy lifestyle but it also helps to burn off energy. 

Sunshine: Vitamin D plays a crucial role in bone development and the immune system and of course, it helps to improve our mood.

Risk and reward: Children learn to take new risks and accept different responsibilities as they become fascinated with their surroundings.

Connect with nature: Children appreciate different settings so taking them outside is a brilliant way for them to connect with nature and explore the environment. 

Engaging and fun: There are so many activities like gardening or den-making that you can set up outside that make learning outdoors fun and engaging. 


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