Get in the garden!


With such unprecedented circumstances, keeping the little ones busy and learning can be a tough task. As the weather gets warmer, why not take the classroom outside and get in the garden!

As well as giving you all a break from the house, taking learning into the great outdoors has been proven to have a number of benefits for early years development:

Encourages physical development 
Whether it’s throwing a bean bag back and forth, counting how many jumps they can do in a row, or dodging water during a water fight, the garden provides the space needed to get more active.

If you are growing vegetables, this is a great way of teaching children about the benefits of healthy eating and more sustainable living. Getting them to help with the growing process can create a basic understanding of where vegetables come from and remove the fear of trying new things. 

A ready-made science classroom 
Insects and plants are natural and ready-made tools for introducing the little ones to biology and understanding the world! Activities such as measuring plants and counting or comparing bugs are all great and simple ways to get them learning about the environment and developing mathematics skills without them even realising.  

Unleash their imagination
Taking activities outside enables children the freedom to explore and develop their communication and literacy skills. With constantly moving scenery, the outdoors gives them a chance to broaden their vocabulary and get creative with their descriptions.  

Get them involved in a game of eye spy using a pair of binoculars, create a story about the shy elves who live in the trees or get them hunting down dinosaur bones; the garden is your oyster for unleashing their imagination! 

Sensory exploration 
Using sand, water and mud in your outdoor play activities provides lots of interesting textures for them to explore. Burying and digging items in sand or mud, or pouring water through different funnels helps to develop fine motor skills whilst they're also having fun and making the mess outdoors, rather than inside!

Keep them entertained and learning all summer with our outdoor picks.

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