Fun in the Sun!

With summer in full swing, getting outside in nature is more enjoyable, and given the limited opportunity to do so in recent times, it's more important than ever. At Eduzone, we strongly believe in children running around and having a fantastic time outside and we have a number of products available to encourage them to do so!

Get Moving:

Exercise is so important for children’s health, both physical and mental. It can also serve to make them more focused for other activities in their day. Getting them moving can be achieved in a number of ways, from simple games like hopscotch or easy exercises like hoola-hooping (213438). If you want something a bit more exciting then how about trying the mini trampoline (X112104), a great tool for those little ones with lots of energy to burn!

Build Confidence:

There is also the opportunity to develop skills and try new hobbies that you cannot do when inside. This can help build new levels of confidence and maybe even inspire a passion that will last a lifetime! How about our new basketball trainer (X38789) complete with four hoops at different heights, already set up for new challenges and potential progression. Or if you want an easier option, our catch and pad set (X162409) can similarly improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes as well as providing bundles of fun!

Promote Creativity and Imagination:

The unstructured style of play that comes with being in nature also allows kids to interact meaningfully with their surroundings. They can think more freely, design their own activities, and approach the world in inventive ways. Again, this can be done in a variety of ways from encouraging the children to become gardeners with their set of shovels (212385) to giving them the chance to get messy with the rockface sand & water table (X146812) and our fish & fun (237310) - one of our team's favourite games!



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