Our Account Manager's latest product picks

Our Account Managers are always on hand to guide and support you with any early years resources you may need! Below, they have recommended a number of Eduzone resources that are extremely popular and perfect for this time of year.

With the October break right around the corner, why not check out what we have to offer so that your little ones have something to keep them occupied during the half term or for something to freshen up your early years setting!

Helen's product picks

Voice pad
Fruit & Veg Colour Sorting Set Voice Pad Animal Bean Bags
  • Useful for developing shape recognition and colour matching skills. 
  • The stackable crates make it easy to store away without losing any parts. 
  • Easily record and playback speech, music or sound effects. 
  • Includes a removable cover that allows you to create pictures, symbols, numbers, words or letters to match your recordings.
  • Great for helping with counting and numbers. 
  • Easy to catch and throw and can be used to develop hand-eye coordination. 


Darren's product picks 

Stilts Maze Balance Board Chunky Coloured Chalks
  • Excellent for balance and coordination. 
  • A fun way to encourage exercise.
  • Elevates balance coordination to a higher level for children.
  • Supplied with three balls to increase the difficulty levels. 
  • Chalks can be easily washed away and can be used over and over again.
  • Excellent way to practice mark making as the chalks are made for small hands to hold.


Eleanor's product picks 

Crystal carnival
ABC Wooden Blocks Translucent Module Blocks Crystal Carnival
  • Complete with a handy wooden tray with the alphabet printed on the base. 
  • Visually stimulating for children learning the alphabet. 
  • Module blocks can spark a child's imagination. 
  • Add a light panel to make these module blocks even more fun!
  • Includes 6 double-sided game cards with instructions so children have a variety of games to play.
  • The set is great for helping with shape recognition, matching and sequencing.


James' product picks 

4 in 1 Outdoor Kitchen  Touchy Feely Treasure Basket Bioplastic Sand and Water Set
  • Perfect for budding chefs.
  • An excellent way to encourage children to get outdoors and spark their imagination as they cook up some delicious treats. 
  • This traditional treasure basket has a particular focus on sense of touch.  
  • Offers the opportunity for discussion and language development. 
  • Set little learners' minds ablaze with the sand and water set. 
  • 100% recyclable and renewable sugarcane products. 


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