Build a better future with BiOBUDDi blocks

Learning + Fun = BiOBUDDi! Whether the little ones are building it up or knocking it down, construction is a key part of play and early years development. A simple and yet effective resource, BiOBUDDi building blocks take education to a whole new exciting level - and what’s more is that they are eco-friendly and safe!

Curious to know more?

BiOBUDDi building blocks are derived from plants and created from the leftovers of sugar cane instead of oil, making them environmentally friendly. Every child has the right to play with products that are safe for their health as well as safe for the environment that they live in.

These eco-friendly toys are great for encouraging creative play, development of fine motor skills and honing hand-eye coordination in a way that is engaging for young minds. You can find a range of different educational sets from animals and farms to the big city, challenging children by encouraging them to build and learn about the wonders of the animal kingdom, discover emotions, buildings and vehicles in a fun and inspiring way. Simply let the little ones get creative and build, learning about the world around them through BiOBUDDi - the possibilities are endless!

The benefits of BiOBUDDi toys

Biobuddi believes it is possible to play and have fun without harming the environment. Here are some key benefits:

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Super fun
  • Educational
  • Safe for children (EN71-1 and EN71-2 Certificates)

Not only are they bio-based, but they're also compatible with other brands' building blocks so the little ones can build even bigger creations wherever their imagination takes them.

How does Biobuddi make their bio-based products?

This handy diagram is included in every box, so children can appreciate the environmentally friendly way the fun blocks are made. Click to view full size.


Take a look at our favourite BiOBUDDi products and why we think they are great for early years development:

Biobuddi Building Blocks, Learning To Create - Large Mix, Set

Large Mix Set - X148663

97 Building Blocks, 3 Baseplates and a mix of fun stickers - this set provides plenty to discover and build any creation that they can imagine.

Biobuddi Educational Blocks, Animals, Set

Animals Set - X148622

This animal blocks set will educate and challenge children by encouraging them to build and learn about animals and the world around them.

Biobuddi Educational Blocks, Daily Life, Set

Daily Life Set - X148647

This daily life set introduces characters and encourages children to discover emotions in a fun and inspiring way.

Biobuddi Educational Blocks, City, Set

City Set - X148639

Learn about everything to do with the city! Build cranes, trains, cars and trucks or even build houses and make a car for the driveway.


Eduzone top tip: Using the Daily Life BiOBUDDi set, encourage the little ones to explore and talk about their own feelings with the expressions of the characters.

Why not view our full range of BiOBUDDi building blocks here; get creative and learn to build for a better future!