Amazing Arts and Crafts


At Eduzone, we are really passionate about providing great equipment for arts and crafts activities. This is because we recognise how important it can be for the little ones’ development and also how much fun can be had with the simplest stuff! 

Why is it so important to get the kids involved in arts and crafts?


Motor Skills  

Arts and crafts give children a chance to use their hands which develops their fine motor skills. So, whether they’re gluing, colouring, cutting or sticking, they’re also developing those small muscles which will prove valuable in the coming years.

Try this: Even simple tasks such as separating squares of tissue paper and scrunching them up into the right shape are great for developing their skills



Crafts allow for self-expression and creativity because of the endless possibilities it opens up. It encourages them to come up with ideas and solutions for themselves so whether it’s through choosing which colour to draw with or picking which material would best suit their vision, they are making unique and important decisions

Try this: Avoid giving too much direction to the little ones, so instead of saying “paint a rainbow”, just suggest that they experiment with different colours and brushes and see what they can come up with!



Arts and crafts activities give kids a sense of achievement. Seeing a project all the way through can build patience and confidence and with most activities being suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone can make something they’re proud of!

Try this: When the little ones finish a project, try not to suggest any changes or additions, as it’s important that they get to feel that what they’ve done is enough.


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