Tork Singlefold Hand Towel, Single Fold Hand Towel Dispenser, Each



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453 x 340 x 149mm. White. EU Eco Label and food contact approved for wiping Tork Easy Handling(TM) packaging Larger 2 ply white hand towel offers extra softness and absorption: use less and spend less, Make your life easier with Tork Easy Handling(TM) Packaging Easy to Carry - carry a box with one hand, or one box in each hand to save time and effort. Taped Solution - just grab and pull the flaps to open the box. Easy Disposal - carry up to 10 flattened boxes at a time. Look out for the Tork Easy Handling(TM) Logo to see which products have the Tork Easy Handling(TM) features. Towels with an attractive leaf emboss.

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