Hama Bead Kit, Maxi Kit, Ages 3+, Pack


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500 solid mix and 500 pastel mix beads. Templates booklet, 6 large square pegboards. Ironing paper pack and inspiration idea book 9. Small, coloured, draft beads that can be used in various ways to create wonderful designs and beautiful pieces of art. Beads are placed on the pegs to create a pattern or picture then ironed to make permanent 3D images that can be removed from the pegboards. Pegboards can be slotted together to form larger boards. Maxi Beads 10mm in length and diameter, with an inside diameter of 5mm - that's about the size of your thumb nail. Designed specifically for pre-schoolers, Maxi Beads are recommended for ages three to four. They are a great stepping stone to help children become more co-ordinated and eventually move on to using Midi Beads. Midi Beads 5mm in length and diameter, with an inside diameter of 2mm - roughly the size of a ladybird. They are suitable for ages five plus, but are often a preferred size for older children and adults too.

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