Reading-Comprehension And Word Reading, Year 1, Each


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Understanding if your pupils are working towards, meeting or exceeding curriculum expectations: 3 summative assessment tests (one after every six units) in each book. Formative assessment activities built into each unit. Guidance on assessing pupil performance in 3 categories: working towards expectations, meeting expectations and exceeding expectations. Pupil self-assessment is given a central place in each unit. For Pupils: 3 pupil worksheets in each unit: a text page, a comprehension worksheet and a word reading worksheet. All 3 pupil worksheets have a self-assessment section, 'My Learning Log' at the bottom of the page to encourage pupils to reflect on their own learning and progress. For Teachers: 18 six page units of work in each book; three pages of pupil worksheets and three pages of accompanying teacher's notes. Each unit begins with clearly stated curriculum objectives and suggested outcomes at the text, comprehension and word reading levels.

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