Assorted Craft Paper & Card


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Many different kinds of colour papers, card, crepe, cellophane, tissue paper and stickers! This fantastically varied array includes over 540 A3 and A4 sheets; great value for creating in class! Contents may vary. Includes: A3 coloured card, A3 and A4 coloured paper, A4 black and white card, A4 metallic, holographic and iridescent card, A4 printed card and paper, A4 fluorescent card and paper, A4 fade resistant coloured paper, A4 art paper, A3 gloss paper, A3 tissue paper, plain, fluorescent and printed, A3 and A4 crepe paper, A3 holographic wrap, A3 plain and printed cellophane, A3 irdescent and glitter wrap, A4 embossed aluminium paper, A4 irdescent paper, A4 tracing paper, A4 EVA 2mm, A4 felt 1mm, A4 corrugated cardboard, plain and fluorescent, A4 stickers.

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